Subrex building Subrex is an engineering firm that designs, patents and markets innovative products targeted for the fluid
dispensing industry. The company was founded in 2001 by Brian L.Verrilli to bring to market a portfolio of inventions that he reduced to practice and patented over a ten-year research and development cycle. Patents issued and pending comprise pump technology, viscosity control, nozzle design, hub design and manufacturing methods.

The company is the only manufacturer of low cost, high-precision, metal, thin wall nozzle technology today. Nozzles are scientifically modeled to produce a geometry that maximizes flow rate at the lowest pressure possible. Thin walls made possible through the draw down and cold work of a sheet of metal through a successive series of die allow outside diameter to comply with established medical gage size of tubing and enable formation of a much larger inside diameter for a given size. Manufacture of nozzles using this technique is making a tremendous impact in medical, LED and semiconductor and other industries by rapidly displacing conventional technology.

All components of our product line are manufactured in the U.S. and assembled in our California facility.